Interest in sports in the region has grown exponentially over the past few years, with a range of sports activities widely practiced across the MENA. At the multi-sports club Pro Sports, we provide both children and adults with the opportunity to develop and enhance their skills and athleticism.

Pro Sports Vision

To inspire a culture of sportsmanship by instilling the principles and values at the heart of all sports.

Pro Sports Mission

To attract future athletes into active, healthy lifestyles through the practice of sports.


Our PRO team


Co-Founder & Sports Technical Director


Co-Founder & Manager

Behind the hoop


Pro Sports is a labor of love and passion for the game, established by two men who’ve had first-hand experience growing up in the culture of sports. With knowledge of all the benefits in athleticism, the owners behind Pro Sports want to pass along to today’s growing generations the values that guided them with integrity and ethics.


Known for his great passion for sports, Louis Mrad grew up playing at his school and university varsity basketball teams, before joining renowned clubs in Lebanon and developing his skills. He has also participated in many international tournaments, from the MENA region to Europe, and was a member and Team Manager of the Lebanese Club ENB, when they placed as 3rd division Lebanese League Champions in 2012.

Aside his dedication to sports, Louis graduated from Saint Joseph University of Beirut, Faculty of Engineering with a bachelor degree in civil engineering and been working in construction management in the UAE, Lebanon and Qatar ever since.

Today, Louis is a member of the USJ Alumni team, and he makes time to practice whenever he gets the chance at Pro Sports.


Fadi Abilmona’s basketball career began in 2004, and over the years he has played in various tournaments across the region, placing in the finals and winning major championships a number of times.

As the recipient of several MVP awards – most notably at the Emir Cup Qatar, the Army Arab Championships, and the Army Olympic Games – Fadi’s reputation on the court precede him, with his energy, unrelenting defensive abilities, and talent from the three-point line making make him an impressive opponent and team member.

Today, Fadi puts his talents on the court to even more good at Pro Sports, inspiring young members to always reach for greater heights.


At Pro Sports, our highly experienced and qualified coaches and instructors immerse players in a learning environment that is both professional and fun, where the enjoyment of the game is as important as the players’ technical development.

More importantly, our coaches impart to players the core values at the heart of Pro Sports, and the benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle on all levels, in society and at home.

By assisting kids and adults to reach their full potential, our coaches ultimately bring value on and off the field, helping them set the foundations to a successful future built on integrity and fair play.

Core Values

At Pro Sports, we abide by core values that guide us in fulfilling our mission ethically and conscientiously.


Teaching is a privilege and a responsibility, a role we take extremely seriously at Pro Sports. As such, we strive to retain only the most highly experienced and talented coaches and personnel, upholding professionalism at all times and in everything that we do.


An integral value at Pro Sports and one of the most admirable traits in sports is the ability to work well with others while committed to supporting each other and enhancing the synergy between teammates.


Teaching sportsmanship is a given at Pro Sports, but we take it further by advocating for respect, love and loyalty, traits that are the solid foundations of family life.


Always doing the right thing, even and especially when it’s the hardest thing to do, is something we both strive to instill in our players and practice ourselves every day.


Adhering to higher standards of conduct and doing the right thing regardless of the cost takes courage. But like any skill, the more you practice courage, the easier it gets.


Never giving up; always reaching for your goals, with a sense of purpose and resolve; making the right decision and sticking to it: these are the traits and values that direct us as we bring our vision to life.