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    Please provide details of any pre-existing medical conditions that may affect the candidates participation in Pro Sports activities. Include details of any existing or past injuries, when the injury occurred and treatment received


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    Rules and Regulations:

    Adult Basketball/Football Programs

    These programs are tailored for men and women who love to play the game of basketball/football in a supervised and professional environment.

    The client’s subscription is 30 days from the day of participation. The client will be added to a whatsapp group to reserve a spot to play on the selected days of the week.

    There are three packages that can be chosen from according to what fits each client best (Either x8, x12 or x20 sessions per month).

    Once the preferred package is chosen, kindly inform PRO SPORTS about the days of participation so they can advise you regarding the availability on those specific days that you have selected.

    The participant has the option to play on the following days of the week:

    Saturday - Sunday - Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday

    The session can accumulate up to 15 members at a time, thus the spots will be limited to the first 15 players who reserve their spots during that same day on the whatsapp group.

    No refund or make up sessions will apply for the missed sessions.

    Members will have the option to freeze their membership in case of traveling purposes (only when PRO SPORTS is informed)

    In any case of any INJURY, the membership of the player will automatically be frozen for a duration of max 1 year from the date of injury.


    Release of Liability:

    I,ParticipantParent/Guardian of the aforementioned applicant(s), I acknowledge that the above information is accurately correct and agree to me/them participating in the activities of PRO SPORTS and the use of PRO SPORTS sports equipment. Participation in all sports can be inherently dangerous and it is impossible to ensure the safety of all participating individuals. SPORTS demands cardiovascular fitness, coordination and agility. Although many risks can be avoided. I understand that not all risks can be, and PRO SPORTS Qatar and its coaches/staff is released from responsibility for any injury that me or my child might incur during the course of normal play. I agree that I will not hold PRO SPORTS coaches/staff or the site liable for any losses, liabilities and damages, injury or death suffered or incurred by me or my child whilst taking part in any activities run by PRO SPORTS. I further understand that in the event of a medical emergency, PRO SPORTS will call EMS to render assistance and that I will be financially responsible for any expenses involved. In addition, I grant PRO SPORTS & their agents the absolute right and permission to use digital images or videotapes of Me or My child. Photographs and/or videotapes may be taken of me or my child taking part in sports activities for promotion of the academy and displayed on Pro sports website, social media, press releases, articles.


    Refund Policy:

    There is a no refund policy on sessions purchased unless it is due to medical related issues that will be assessed with the necessary documentation. An administrative fee of QAR 250 will be applicable.
    Sessions must be used consecutively and within the time specified. PRO SPORTS reserves the right to cancel an event or program due to insufficient registration with full refunds and notification.